Composite Thread Protectors


SANTO offers Composite Thread Protectors of following designs :  

Conventional Design  - Metal jacket of appropriate thickness & Strength covering entire length & bumper of the Polyethylene part of the protector provides complete protection to pipes from damages during handling & storage using crane hooks, The Metal jacket & Polyethylene part are press fitted and joined together using AVDELCHEVRON (Textron) T-Lock System of joining metal with plastic.  This ensures rigid bond between Metal Jacket & Polyethylene part reducing chances of slipping Metal jackets out of Polyethylene part .

Improved Easy on Design – Made with Rectangular Drive in slots on the Bumpers to facilitate ease of Makeup and Breakout of Protectors, Metal jacket provided over the entire threaded length of Protectors acts as a stiffener to retain the thread form in shape over prolonged storage under extremely hot/cold conditions of storage and also acts as a barrier between the crane hooks and the Polyethylene part of the protector protecting the thread avoiding metal to metal contact, Metal Jackets press fitted over Polyethylene part are easy to dismantle for ease of reclamation after the protector has lived its life.

Shapes Offered

  • Open End Liftable & Driftable 
  • Closed End Liftable 
  • Closed End Non Liftable.

Sizes Offered For :

For Casing Pipes 4 1/2"- 20”  BTC , LTC , STC & Premium.